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I'm making yet another news post.

2009-04-04 12:32:40 by MasterDragonClock

Apparently, people read this on occasion. I suppose that it is my duty to write about hippos and polar bears and cattle in this spot. Hippos have big teeth and are pink and live in mud. Polar bears are blue and fuzzy and happy and live underground. Cows are black and white and happy and nice and soft and live on a sunny farm in California, USA. I hope you're happy with my non-stereotypical descriptions of these quadrupeds. I think I'll go consume some delicious cake with white vanilla frosting and a chocolaty interior. Lord, I'm bored.

I'm making yet another news post.


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2009-04-04 13:13:58

@Title of blog: pics or it didn't happen.

(Updated ) MasterDragonClock responds:



2009-04-04 20:41:12

you must be bored to leave 100 comments.

MasterDragonClock responds:



2009-04-04 20:45:32

same difference.

MasterDragonClock responds: